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Timeline of Events - 2019

January 14th 2019

Dwr Cymru respond to the funding application, asking LBSA to try again soon.

January 23rd 2019

Aled Lewis of FAW replies apologising for delay and states that he is meeting WRU next week to discuss the Dogpark project. LBSA should hear by February 1st.

January 29th 2019

Council contact LBSA via website to communicate outcome of discussion at December 10th 2018 meeting. Request for more information to discuss at next meeting (11/02/19) regarding, engineering works, car parking and costs. There is no mention of the elected council sub-committee as stated in their December minutes (see section 4) and January minutes (see section 4i).

January 31st 2019

LBSA respond to council clerk with some more detail of the Cae Pownd proposal with a view to discussing at meeting on 11/02/19.

February 7th 2019

LBSA meeting at Llangennech Rugby Club. Updates on projects and crowdfunding effort, and what the main desires of the affiliate members would be. It was agreed to hold a launch event with Live Music Fundraiser at the Club in May. Minutes of meeting here.

February 8th 2019

Council email is forwarded to an LBSA member with details of Surveyor advice and the Clerk's response.

February 9th 2019

Llangennech Football Club Secretary brings attention to correspondence he received regarding a proposed construction development by RD Health & Fitness Centre of a new leisure facility to include gymnasium, pool, indoor 4G playing arena and 4 netball courts at nearby Dafen industrial estate. This is clearly of great interest to all LBSA affiliates.

February 10th 2019

Community Council Agenda is released - as per Clerk's advice, there is no slot for discussion with LBSA. 

February 11th 2019

LBSA Chairman (P. Willock), Secretary (D. Price) & LBSA member (M. Williams) attend meeting to part take in "public participation" and discuss Cae Pownd. Council sub-committee for project (as suggested in December 2018) confirmed as Councillors I.M. Williams, R. Willock, Dr. M. Slader & L. M. Morgan. It is agreed that a survey of cars is to be taken by LBSA to provide data on likelihood of traffic disruption and the potential need for construction of a car park. It was suggested that County Planning Office should be contacted for advice on redirection of the current path and to allow for resident objections to potential increased use. Quotes for redirection of tarmac path to be sought.

LBSA also confirm date of May 4th for a launch event, to be held at Llangennech Rugby Club & include live band entertainment, which is now booked.

February 15th 2019

Planning officer returns email to confirm no planning permission required for works to redirect path. 

February 20th 2019

LBSA Facebook & Twitter Social Media pages are launched.

February 27th 2019

Following the receipt of the initial quote for the MUGA at the park, local companies are invited to tender and provide estimates for work on a like-for-like basis.

March 2nd 2019

LBSA make grant application to Community Council process.

March 7th 2019

Persimmon Homes Community Champions £1,000 grant funding application awarded to LBSA. See the press release here.

March 18th 2019

Following internal discussion on Park field usage deadline for the 18/19 season, LBSA send notification to council that field will be free for maintenance programme to commence as of Monday May 6th.

Following the receipt of the initial quote for the redirection of the path at the Cae Pownd, local companies are invited to tender and provide estimates for work on a like-for-like basis.

March 29th 2019

£100 grant received from Llangennech & Bryn Community Council. 

April 8th 2019

Reply received to December's CIFW Grant Application - failed on this occasion due to lack of existing funding. See reply here.  

Also a reply from December's CIO application seeking clarity and recommending some amendments.

April 29th 2019

Responded to Charities Commission regarding CIO application amendments and queries.

April 30th 2019

News of the launch event is published in the press.  

May 4th 2019

Launch Party held at Rugby Club. Live band and a short film "The LBSA - An Introduction". £600 was raised on the night from ticket sales, raffle and donations. Attendees included the Chair of the Community Council, Jackie Seaward.

May 10th 2019

LBSA is granted charity status by the England and Wales Charity Commission. 

Charity no. 1183362 - Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

May 9th-17th 2019

Contact made and advice sought from FAW and Sport Wales on way forward with the Dog Park  project with positive feedback received and discovery of new technology lighting that could make things far more affordable than was first thought. 

May 29th 2019

Re-applied to Dwr Cymru for Community Fund grant (£1k).

May 30th - June 13th 2019

Contact made with Coalfields Regeneration Trust regarding funding as a charity who promote "projects increasing participation in physical activity". See correspondence here.

June 12th - 14th 2019

Contact made with community council clerk to arrange meeting with elected sub-committee with regard to discussing the Cae Pownd project and the findings of the LBSA survey on all fronts as requested by the clerk in February. See response from clerk here. Despite this negative response, a meeting was arranged directly with the councillors without issue.


June 17th 2019

Very positive meeting had with members of council sub-committee at Llangennech Rugby Social Club where the LBSA presented some research and information with regard to the Cae Pownd project. Very enlightening for both sides. A draft report was discussed and agreed to submit to the full council for July 8 meeting, when a request for an actual slot on the agenda would be forced in order to get a council vote through to gauge support or the project. Public participation slots do not qualify for voting apparently.

June 20th 2019

Cae Pownd Report submitted to clerk and request for inclusion on the actual agenda included. Report answers council administrator's question regarding need, planning, traffic, revenue and funding sources. Neighbourhood objection to be dealt with at the meeting. 

June 21st 2019

Confirmation of slot on Agenda for meeting 6.30pm on July 8th.

July 4th 2019

Dwr Cymru Community Fund Awards LBSA £250 toward the Cae Pownd development.

July 8th 2019

Community Councillors unanimously vote in favour of giving permission to the LBSA to redirect the path at Cae Pownd in order to aid development of junior / community playing field.

July 25th 2019

Council Clerk contacted regarding start date for usage of Park field, along with line marking for both rugby and football & confirmed usage end date. 

July 29th 2019

Reply from Clerk, stating start date of August 12th, pending weather. End date of  April 12th 2020. Also confirmed County Council have been contacted regarding line marking.

August 2nd 2019

County Council staff mark field with football lines but no rugby lines. Clerk contacted to advise of situation.

August 6th 2019

Postcode Lottery Local Trust Grant Funding programme applied to for £6k to cover costs of Cae Pownd Project. Reply by September 5th.

August 9th 2019

Rugby lines are marked by County Council.

To aid funding efforts LBSA launches a Rugby World Cup Prediction Competition. Closing date 20th September.

August 22nd 2019

Field is fertilised and deemed playable. LBSA shares information with all users with blessing of council clerk.

September 1st 2019

Event announced for a World Cup-themed Scavenger Road Challenge (treasure hunt) as a fundraising event with Live Music at the Rugby club after (Sunday 22nd September, 2-8pm).

September 5th 2019

Reply from People's Postcode application that we have failed to secure funding on this occasion. Application feedback sought, as per email advice.

September 20th 2019

Feedback from People's Postcode application. It seems we applied to the wrong branch for funding! Positive feedback in that case. When funding opportunity next opens, we go again!

Today was also the closing date for our Rugby World Cup Prediction Competition. Response was not as good as we had hoped. Only 24 entries at £5 each. The prize fund put up was £100. Lessons learned.  

September 22nd 2019

World Cup Road Challenge event raises £265 on the day. All participants said they had a great day and look forward to the next event. Proved a good opportunity to spread the word of the LBSA's aims and raise awareness and support of the projects.

September 30th 2019

Conversation with Aled Lewis (FAW Trust Grant Liaison Officer) who confirms there will be a meeting on October 18th and the Dog Park project is one of only two West Wales based projects that has been put forward to the board for funding of £8k. If successful, it is hoped that Sport Wales would also pledge up to 50% of the overall cost of the project (estimated £24k).

December 20th-21st 2019

Confirmation from FAW Trust of awarding of Fund in Principle. The information was communicated to the Community Council in order to be added to the agenda for discussion on January 13th 2020 meeting, with the aim of getting a vote to gain a minimum 10-year lease agreement for the land - one of the conditions of the FAWT offer. Sport Wales' Ceri Richards also informed, with a view to discussing potential Sport Wales contribution (partnership funding) to the project in the New Year.

December 29th 2019

Various companies sought for quotes for portable floodlighting systems, as stipulated in the conditions of the FAWT offer.

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