Timeline of Events - 2021

Here you will find a summary of events as they develop. The LBSA will strive to remain open, honest and transparent with all their actions, as will be seen in this section.

Within this summary you will find links to letters and documents that have helped shape and forge the route to where we are now. (Just click on the underlined sections to open relevant PDF reference documents).

January 2021

Jan 4 - Slot on agenda requested for the community council meeting on January 11th.

Jan 5 - Clerk replies, he's already printed all paperwork and a 10 minute public participation slot was all they could offer us. Again.

Zoom meeting with Carmarthenshire Association of Voluntary Services (CAVS) representative Jackie Dorrian regarding funding opportunities and LBSA background. She suggests application to the National Lottery's Award for All scheme, the Scarlets Community Foundation, local fencing companies and Llannon & Tumble Community Council officers with regard to their project for the skate park, etc.  

Councillor Stephen Hughes follows up on the planned dog fouling video discussed for the park.  

Jan 6 - LBSA confirm attendance in 10 minute "public participation" of council meeting, once more.

Jan 8 - Letter emailed to clerk and councillors ahead of meeting. During visit to park to meet with fencing contractor to discuss a quote for fencing the pitch, EW meets a dog walking business owner who uses the park regularly and he invites her to be a part of the community video. EW asks her whether a specific area to leave dogs off the leash would be popular. A very positive conversation was had and will be followed up.  

Jan 10 - Reply to the letter, received from council Surveyor Alan Williams, referring to all manner of things while giving his opinion that "there is advantage in the Council retaining its responsibility for the maintenance of the football pitch and for considering any suggestions for improving this regime in discussion with the LBSA which have an important part to play in that respect. In addition, accountability for employing Contractors and the financial controls involved in handling public money is onerous and best left to the Council in these circumstances". No real reference to the advantages of retaining responsibility. Perhaps its to do with this?

EW also asks Councillor Lynda Morgan about the procedure for amending minutes in order to remove some references to which he was misquoted.  

Jan 11 - The meeting goes ahead with EW opening with the proposal (Rich Clement and Curt Roberts also in attendance). The clerk reminds EW of the protocol regarding sending correspondence through him and not directly to the councillors. EW notes his point and makes clear he asked for LBSA to be on the agenda. No reference was made to the Surveyor's email from Sunday. EW fielded questions from councillors and the clerk, including whether the LBSA had the capital to outlay the first year's cost prior to being reimbursed at the end of the financial year, and why the LBSA felt it needed to acquire responsibility if they assume the same budget and use the same contractor. It was voted unanimously that the LBSA are handed responsibility of the maintenance for an initial 2-year trial period, working within a yet-to-be-finalised budget (expected to be £5,000).

EW requests the clerk withdraws reference in the minutes of the previous meeting with regard to LBSA seeking to "control access and usage", making the point that it would not want it mistakenly recorded and used to create a narrative that the LBSA somehow wishes to limit access for the community, or that the LBSA would expect any exclusivity on the field. This was agreed. Information of the success is fed back to all key LBSA stakeholders, including rubber stamping that the capital is available from both the rugby and football club Treasurers.

Jan 12 - LBSA request a slot on the February meeting agenda in order to formally agree the budget for maintenance and discuss matters surrounding that, and asks for council procedure on issuing minutes to any attendees of meetings. Also a request for confirmation of closing date for the community council's annual grant scheme.

Jan 13 - Clerk responds, provides a documentation of the field maintenance entitled Delegation Agreement, explains there will not be much time for an agenda slot on February 8 due to council annual financial talks, and confirms the grants shall be discussed in March meeting (no deadline given).

See the email trail here.

LBSA stumble across information pertaining to the application of plans for the development of a solar panel project at Blaenhiraeth Farm in Llangennech via the Welsh Government website. 96 hectare "Development of National Significance" in the village. Research shows objections from Llanelli Rural Council, Llannon Community Council, but no apparent representation from Llangennech & Bryn Community Council aside from a short letter from County Councillor Gwyneth Thomas, as published on the Welsh Government site.

Jan 16 - Contact made with DND Groundworks to communicate latest developments on Park Sports Field Maintenance. They reveal they are keen to work with us. Volunteers asked to fulfil roles of Pitch Liaison Officers.

Jan 18 - Confirmation of Park Field Liaison Officers. LBSA apply for annual Community Council Grant with cover letter stating that no transactions have taken place in this financial year with supporting bank statements.

Jan 19 - Clerk requests Financial Statement from LBSA for annual accounting record! So the completely pointless exercise is carried out and document is issued.

LBSA submit letter to Council to confirm contact made with contractor and appointment of Sports Field Liaison Officers  - Lead Officer Mal Gibbs, Assistant Officers Curtis Roberts & Martin Williams, to be overseen by LBSA Chair Phill Willock.

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