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Phase 2: MUGA: Feature

Cae Pownd

Potential for Junior playing field at Brynhyfryd Park

Brynhyfryd Park - or Cae Pownd (or Ca' Pown' as some would have it!); as part of our research of land owned and maintained by the community council, we feel this is one key area that could be better utilised by allowing the association to suggest some changes.

We feel that it could easily be transformed into a junior sports playing field. The photograph shows a 60m x 40m footprint - ample space for a field to be marked for ages up to Under 11, for both rugby and football use. The outlined area is on a slight gradient and the surface does get soggy, but we view it as another option to ease the burden on the overused park field and to keep games away from the cricket outfield. The obvious obstruction is the footpath running through the land and across the corner of the proposed playing field. Redirecting the path around is what we propose and hope the community council will agree to.

The initial meeting resulted in a largely positive response. The LBSA began the process of further exploring the plan - seeking quotes for the works, carrying out a survey of traffic expectation, while working alongside an elected council sub-committee.

On July 8th 2019, upon review of the report submitted by the LBSA, community councillors unanimously vote in favour of giving permission to the LBSA to redirect the path at Cae Pownd in order to aid development of junior / community playing field.

The LBSA is currently in the process of raising the sufficient funding to get it's first project up and running!

Brynhyfryd Park 6-11s field.png
path brynhyfryd.JPG
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