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Timeline of Events - 2018

Here you will find a summary of events as they develop. The diary dates back to the beginning - March 2018. The LBSA will strive to remain open, honest and transparent with all their actions, as will be seen in this section.

Within this summary you will find links to letters and documents that have helped shape and forge the route to where we are now. (Just click on the underlined sections to open relevant PDF reference documents).

March 12th 2018

Initial meeting held with community council with a view to discussing improvement of playing field and facilities at Recreation Ground (park). Notice to discuss in greater detail at next meeting.


April 5th 2018

Contact made with Sport Wales Grants department. Proposal of project and case put to them to see if it would qualify for any grant funding.


April 9th 2018

Proposal to community council for ways of improving facilities, including request to lease tennis court area and any other potential under-utilised areas at park. Case made on behalf of rugby and football clubs regarding overuse and community demand for investment in playing field. Advised by council to form an association with whom the council can deal with a single community body with its own constitution. Agreement in principle that - should all of the points be met - then a lease agreement could be sought.

May 10th 2018

Site meeting (Recreation Ground / Park) arranged with Sport Wales, WRU and FAW grants officers.


May 21st 2018

Establishment of the Llangennech and Bryn Sports Association (LBSA) made official with 29 founding members. Contributors include representation from the football, rugby, cricket & netball clubs, the community council, Cylch Meithrin, St Michael's School and members of the general community.


June 4th 2018

Meeting with Grants officers at Recreation Ground. Area of land to south side of the grounds is identified as having potential to meet the requirements of any grant funding and suitable for development of a training / minis playing field, with mobile floodlighting allowing for night time use. Surveyor to be sent out to assess site. Meeting also with Headmaster at St. Michael's to explore potential use of land and improvement of facilities in partnership with the LBSA.


June 5th 2018

First meeting of LBSA to agree constitution and elect acting officers in order to present to community council in June meeting. Communications officer elected and immediate task is to create an emblem and an online presence. AGM date to be confirmed in order to finalise election of officers.


June 8th 2018

An emblem / logo is agreed upon. Motto; "Cryfau'r Gymuned"; "Strengthening the Community".


June 11th 2018

LBSA attend Community Council meeting to announce its establishment, and present its Constitution. A lease agreement for 2 proposed areas of land at park is pursued. The impression is given that Community Councillors are duly satisfied and Surveyor now requests a business plan and confirmation in writing from the grants officers of their intent to explore potential for development.


June 12th 2018

Contact made with Notts Sport in order to request further information with regard to the potential for installation of a 3G multi-sport playing surface on the land of St. Michael's School (St. Mikes). 


June 13th 2018

Notts Sport respond and request a site meeting - now likely to be in September


June 16th 2018

Business Plan drafted, Statement requested from Grant officers


June 18th 2018

Response from Grant officers confirming potential development


June 25th 2018

St Mikes Directors confirm interest in development and meeting set up with Notts Sports provisionally for week beginning September 10th


June 30th 2018

Documentation submitted to Council for July meeting - Business Plan and Grants officers statement


July 6th 2018

Letter received (2 days prior to meeting) from Surveyor & Clerk (signed and dated 15/6/18 and 1/7/18 respectively).

Both advising council that LBSA documentation is insufficient and not detailed nor specific enough, including Constitution, which was previously passed.


July 9th 2018

Community Council meeting attended with submission of response to the Surveyor & Clerk's reports. Surveyor refuses to acknowledge any development at dog park. Advises council that when sufficient body is established, funding for tennis court should be sought to develop that only. All points and apparent shortfalls were addressed in a letter of response from LBSA Acting Chairman.

At the meeting, Surveyor refuses to recognise LBSA, stating too much Football Club influence. Request details of financial breakdown of project. Some Councillors supported the LBSA being unable to supply a financial projection without a lease agreement in order to pursue a survey of the land. Council advisers claim that a wider representation of officers required from all sports clubs for LBSA to be recognised. It is reiterated that an invite is extended to all Councillors and Council administration to the LBSA AGM.


July 16th 2018

Follow up email to Grants officers to confirm Project Officer would be allocated to our project to oversee and advise on works. Also to confirm date of their Surveyor visit to dog park. It was confirmed that the person due to do the survey - Alan Lewis - would be the allocated project manager whose fees would be incorporated into the overall project cost.


July 26th 2018

LBSA AGM - Election of Officials is the main subject. Some Councillors in attendance to further understand aims of our Association. Objectives of meeting are met with a very positive outcome. See minutes of AGM here.


August 1st 2018

LBSA Bank Account officially opened.


September 7th 2018

Meeting between St Mikes, LBSA & Notts Sports arranged for September 17th.


September 10th 2018

Chairman Phil Willock attends Community Council meeting to update on on-going work. Also requests council to provide list of all land owned by them for review of potential sites to work with. Clerk agrees to site meetings upon receipt of letter from Chairman.


September 17th 2018

Chairman Phil Willock attends meeting with Tom Walton of Notts Sports/St Mikes. Tom confirms they are a design company who will profit from producing the surface material; they have regular contractors they work with and would project manage within the costs and offer advice and support on seeking funding from start to end. Positive meeting had, full design and estimate to follow.


September 28th 2018

Chairman Phil meets with Alan Williams (Comm. Council Surveyor) to discuss potential for use of land next to Community Centre car park at bottom of hill behind Hendre Rd. Alan confirms that land is privately owned and planning for any sports complex development would likely be refused anyway.


October 8th 2018

Design, extensive report & estimate received from Tom Walton of Notts Sport. £675,000 estimated construction cost. Feasibility Study drawn up to potentially be carried out based on outcome of meeting between LBSA & St Mikes to ascertain funding options.


October 9th 2018

Ceri Richards of Sport Wales contacted with regard to progress on visit from WRU surveyor to assess Dog Park.


October 10th 2018

Specialist MUGA contractor Alumasc Surfacing sets date for site visit; 10am Tuesday 23rd October.

Contact from Alan Lewis WRU surveyor to arrange site visit on afternoon of 23rd October.


October 12th 2018

Funding options for 3G discussed on call with Ceri Richards Sport Wales. Advised that it would require backing from Welsh Gov, County Council or Euro Funding - the fact it is on land of Independent School does not help. However, contact with Governing bodies with experience i.e. Hockey Wales should be sought.

October 22nd 2018

Meeting with St Mikes to agree options

St Mikes owners appear to have been hoping for LBSA to have access to a fair percentage of total sum for any 3G development. They haven't the funding to install and allow LBSA to generate rental revenue.

All agreed that it was great to explore the ideas and get design / cost estimates - perhaps something to revisit if the funding becomes available in future.


October 23rd 2018

AM - Meeting with Matthew Davies regarding MUGA. Much potential for land to meet criteria and needs (rugby, football, netball, tennis, track, playschool). Design and budget options to be issued by Alumasc by Nov 2nd.


PM - Meeting with Alan Lewis Surveyor to discuss topology and options at Dog Park and Brynhyfryd. Very positive - soil sample taken and 4" of beautiful soil identified - enough to work with. 100 ton of sand and a fresh surface implemented. Full report to follow in the next 3 weeks (13/11/18).

Brynhyfryd not pursued following conversation on cost due to the gradient (£20k) and such a positive outcome of Dog Park visit.

November 5th 2018

LBSA buy the rights to the domain name, and work commences on the website.


November 7th 2018

Alumasc provide a quote for options on the MUGA development at Llan Park.

November 15th 2018

Press Release regarding the formation of LBSA, along with details of website launch. Crowdfunding site also goes live.

November 16th 2018 goes live.

November 23rd 2018

Llangennech Badminton Club becomes the first new member of the LBSA after learning more about us following the launch of the website. 

November 29th 2018

Invites are sent to local Schools (Llan & Bryn) and Scouts establishments to become LBSA members. 

The main parts of the website are translated to Welsh language.

November 30th 2018

Letter submitted to Community Council Clerk regarding LBSA proposal for the land at Brynhyfryd Park, to be heard at the next meeting (10/12/18)


December 4th 2018

Application submitted to Charities Commission for LBSA to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). Receive correspondence that - due to a backlog - this could take up to 5 months to process.

December 10th 2018

Noted that the council meeting agenda does not include any mention of the LBSA submission. LBSA attend in numbers nonetheless. The Proposal on the whole is seen as a positive move. A councillor sub-committee is to be elected to deal with the project. Suggested by Chairman that the LBSA could help fund if there is no legislation against council sourcing funds for improvement to their land from a charitable organisation. Surveyor Alan Williams estimates a figure of £4000 for the work.


The question is raised by the clerk whether the LBSA is a registered charity; then asked if LBSA has a bank account and suggested we require a Treasurer. The clerk is advised by LBSA Chairman that we have all of the above and more in place. Here are the minutes of the meeting (point 4 is highlighted).


December 13th 2018

Alan Lewis Ground Surveyor's report is issued to the LBSA. Positive outcome with estimated costs of £20k for recommended works (no lighting included). This included a clean and re-grade of ditches, cutting back hedge and treatment of Japanese Knotweed; spray of vegetation, surface stone bury and import of 150 tons of sandy soil or sand. Then followed by a surface grade, aeration, grass seed establishment and a soil chemistry alteration procedure.

December 17th 2018

Ceri Richards (Sport Wales) and FAW / WRU Grants Officers are sent the surveyor's report for feedback and a way forward.


December 19th 2018

Grant applications submitted to Dwr Cymru, Persimmon Homes & CIFW.

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