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Pioneers Who Made It Happen

The LBSA was a concept born of frustration with the lack of facilities available and a recognition for the untapped potential within the community. Despite this being widely recognised for years, it takes a lot to bring together a diverse group of people who are - in some cases - willing to set aside past differences and recognise that working together toward a common goal will eventually be for the greater good of all in the community.


The following are the pillars and pioneers who first agreed to part take in such a venture and help the LBSA gain recognition as a genuinely diverse and ambitious community group.

Founders: Welcome


In order to establish the LBSA, the following 29 people are accredited with contributing to its formation.


Emyr Williams - Llangennech Football Club (AFC)

Peter Williams - Llangennech Rugby Club (RFC)

Helen George - Llangennech Netball Club Juniors

Emma Evans - Cylch Meithrin

Mike Lloyd - Llangennech Cricket Club (CC)

Natalie Price - AFC Juniors

Curtis Roberts - AFC Juniors

Rhian Roberts - Cylch Meithrin

Nathan Mcauley - Street Star Soccer

Katie Mcauley - AFC Juniors

Mal Gibbs​ - RFC

Clark Hartnell - RFC Jnr

Ceri Hartnell - RFC Jnr

Daniel Price​ - AFC

Simon Thomas - Cricket Club Juniors

Neil Bryant - AFC Veterans

John Peet​ - AFC

Elizabeth David - Llangennech Netball Club & Cylch Meithrin

Martin Williams - AFC

James Cartwright - Conquer Fitness

Victoria Prendiville - RFC Jnr

Cncllr. Ian Morlais Williams - Community Councillor

Cncllr. Stephen Hughes - Bynea Cycling Club & Community Councillor

Phil Willock - Community Member

Catrin Rees - Community Member

Aled Davies - AFC Jnr

Christian Williams - AFC Veterans

Jo Brooks - Director of Sport at St. Michaels

Benson Ferrari - Headmaster at St. Michaels

Founders: Product
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