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Phase 2: MUGA: Feature

Llangennech Park Sports Field

Agreement of Delegation for Maintenance

For many years the rugby and football clubs have made various attempts to attain more control on matters surrounding the maintenance of the field.


The community council claim to spend over £5k annually, a detail long-disputed within the sporting circles with no real transparency of these transactions nor evidence of it reflected in the poor condition of the surface. The LBSA has built relations among clubs including plans for joint fundraising efforts, shared use of the floodlights, and - in coming together - a proposal was put to the council in January 2021 to take responsibility for the maintenance and allotted council budget. It was voted unanimously that a two-year trial be afforded to the LBSA to assume responsibility for the field.


This is a major breakthrough and the LBSA remains confident that it can make a better fist of it than the community council has over the years.   


Field Maintenance Liaison Officers were appointed immediately to consult with the groundwork contractor and the LBSA has control from April 1st 2021. 

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