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St. Michaels School 3G Facility
Something to Revisit?

A field on the property of St. Mikes was discussed as a potential area for development. Meetings were held with the Headmaster and Owners with the LBSA representative presenting some research on what might be achievable and how the community and the school could mutually benefit by working in partnership on such a project. Notts Sports (3G developer) visited the site on September 17th, 2018. A full and comprehensive report including design options and estimates was issued to the LBSA on October 8th.


The options of a facility that would meet the requirements of an adequately sized playing field was to cost between £550k to upwards of £800k. The premise was for the facility to be managed by the LBSA after school hours in order to generate revenue from hire costs to cover any repayment loan. Advice was sought on where the LBSA could get such funding to help finance some of the capital outlay, however there was no clear pathway.

St. Michaels School 3G Facility: Project

Following a meeting with St. Mikes to discuss the matter it was agreed that the costs and potential pitfalls of such an agreement were perhaps too fanciful, and the project was shelved until perhaps funding will one-day become available to resurrect the idea. See here a snapshot of the report with the footprint of proposed land, options and estimates.


The image shows an aerial photo of what the second listed option might look like (79m x 52m £420,000).

St. Michaels School 3G Facility: Project
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