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The History

Established in 2018, the LBSA was an idea that came together by default initially through a joint venture between the Rugby & Football clubs to solve the ever-present issue of overuse of the playing field at the Recreation Ground (Llan Park).


Increased participation of children in both rugby and football over the past 25 years has put a strain on the field (which sits on a bed of coal ash); with the community council's diminishing ability to fund a suitable maintenance programme to help the cause, at the end of 2017 - with tensions high between the rugby Junior Section (midweek and Sunday users) and the football club (Saturday users) over its use - a much needed "clear-the-air" meeting was had and a line was drawn. With a new-found appreciation of each other's issues, the attention turned to appeal to the community council with a venture - led by the football club and supported by the rugby club - to find an alternative solution.


This was not the first time that this had been attempted, with the football club having various efforts at certain ideas to have a playing field to call their own. These included exploring sites at Penlan Farm, the field between the rugby field and the pub formerly known as The Smiths (now Tafarn Morlais) on Pontarddulais Road. Locations were also pursued in the fields behind the houses on Pontarddulais Road and Maes Road; and an idea was researched and surveyed to fit a football field on the outfield of the cricket pitch at the park. Most recently was an ill-fated attempt to secure a home at Llangennech Primary School, where the club did attempt to play for two seasons but the facilities proved insufficient to meet the administrative and physical requirements of properly running a League football club.

Following the initial idea to apply for a joint lease, research and discussions between the rugby and football clubs on the matter ended with a decision to pursue an alternative training facility. On the back of such a proposal, the council requested that any future dealings of such a venture could only be with an established Sports Association.


Following much back-and-forth with the community council and some thought over what could be achieved, there came some breakthrough as various members of Llangennech's sports clubs bought in to the idea, and the concept of the LBSA was accepted. These discussions included key people from the rugby, football, cricket, netball clubs, as well as local businesses, schools and the community council.


Work began right away on getting the relevant proposals and documentation in place, and funding options and opportunities were immediately explored. An AGM was called and Officers were elected and appointed, reflecting representation from all corners of the community and sporting clubs. The first draft of the Constitution was agreed and a bank account opened in August 2018.


For a full break down of the actions of the LBSA to date, please visit the Timeline of Events page.

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