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The Vision

The village of Llangennech has long been a haven for sporting endeavour. Since the establishment of the Cricket Club in 1881, soon followed by the Rugby Club in 1885; there will be no end to the tales of triumph and tribulations that have gone on. Such literature as History of Llangennech by Alwyn Charles (1997) and the 1985 rugby-based publication Bois Y Llan, will point to a very rich history and - even in the 30-odd years since - there is many a twist and turn in the tales of both these long-established institutions.

It wasn't until 1982 that Llangennech Football Club was formed following a conversation between a local and a Swansea City legend - the club has since boasted involvement of a couple of famous names in its relatively short history. Llangennech Netball Club followed in 1992, tapping in to the conveyor-belt of abundant talent nurtured by Llangennech Primary School over earlier years; despite having less of a rich history to speak of, these clubs have been vital in forming the sporting and social community of Llangennech, as we know it today.


This quintet is reflected in the five-point star in the LBSA emblem that represents the organisation. Traditionally, the village has had a sporting backdrop of cricket, rugby, football and netball as a foundation to a strong community force, which historically includes social, industrial, religious and educational establishments. This of course does not exclude the ambition to encourage participation in all health and well-being activities, as is reflected in the membership of Bynea Cycling Club & Llangennech Badminton Club. The LBSA will always be open to any sporting or community establishments who has interest of the project at heart. As stated in our motto, which is emblazoned in Welsh on our badge - "Strengthening the Community".


The aims of the LBSA is to bring together and improve relations among different sports, education and social organisations within the Llangennech & Bryn community. We aim to promote participation in recreational activities, mutual support and joint aid among our members. The LBSA also aims to establish sports clubs and participate in different sporting activities, while sharing ideas associated with improving community sporting facilities. We will also organise fundraising events to aid development of facilities and participation and explore funding opportunities in order to improve grass roots facilities, while working with the relevant funding bodies.

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Phase 1: "Dog Park" Pitch Development


Phase 2: MUGA

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Other Sites of Interest

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